17 06, 2022

2022 Editorial Issue 3

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G’day Jeepers and welcome to issue three for 2022. It was fantastic to see so many of you at Camp Coffs this year. Honestly, I am so happy I was able to catch up with so many of you. I really enjoy hearing your stories, seeing your Jeeps, meeting your family and friends, and most of all talking Jeep with you all. In this issue, we cover, Camp Coffs 2022 for starters, then Meanwhile in Queensland, what is going to happen to Daisy, Gary’s beloved J10, and Michael finds an old Gladiator in the Jungle.

22 03, 2022

2022 Editorial Issue 2

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G’day Jeepers and welcome to issue Two for 2022. I’ve got to tell you; we have a great issue full of fantastic readers’ stories, firstly one of our regulars Gary with Meanwhile in Queensland and then

Ray with an in-depth story about his trip around Tasmania, after Camp Coffs 2021. We are all working hard with Camp Coffs preparations as it’s not long to go, I hope to see you there.

In this issue, we also have Dan Grec with his setup on his Gladiator, 10Talk with Brian as he starts to work […]

22 01, 2022

2022 Editorial Issue 1

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G’day Jeepers and welcome to issue One for 2022. How great is it that 2021 is in the rearview mirror and we are looking forward to a great 2022. Don’t forget as I mentioned in the last issue, Camp Coffs will be returning to the Easter long weekend for 2022. Subscribers will have received a registration form with this issue.

This issue, we have Dan Grec back as he heads off around Australia for his next adventure. 10Talk with Brian is a new series we are running and there are loads of […]

13 12, 2021

Editorial Issue 4

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G’day Jeepers and welcome to issue four for 2021. Yes, we are moving forward and still printing magazines. Thank you for your feedback, concerns and being patient, we do appreciate it.

Great news, Camp Coffs will be returning to the Easter long weekend for 2022. So lock this date away, more news to come on this front in upcoming issues.

In this issue, we have an awesome Gladiator build and some cool old school Jeeps in the mix. Also, we feature Jeeps take on the past 80 years.

Please make sure you keep sending […]

29 09, 2021

Editorial issue 3

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G’day Jeepers and welcome to issue three for 2021, we have had our share of interesting setbacks lately, but we are still moving forward and it’s great to have this issue printed and in our reader’s hands. Thank you for your feedback, concerns and being patient, we do appreciate it.

In this issue we cover Camp Coffs 2021 which was an awesome event and feels like a lifetime ago, it was great to see lots of new Jeepers attending this year and having new Gladiators in the mix and out on the tracks.

28 04, 2021

Editorial – Mar/Apr 2021

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Welcome to your March April issue. So Camp Coffs has been and gone, what an epic weekend it was. And somehow, I ended up with the nickname “Big Ben” and the Editorial of the magazine will now be titled, “Airing Down”, why? well like Airing Down it’s important and functional, and I’ll try and keep it quick, moving on from that we have an awesome story on Camp Coffs in the next mag.

My Gladiator story has been bumped to the May June issue to make […]

26 03, 2021

Editorial Jan/Feb 2021

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Welcome to your January February issue, 2021 is here and Camp Coffs will be here before you know it. The all-new Grand Cherokee is about to go into production this year, so 2021 is really looking good. In this issue we start talking about 80 years of Jeep from an Australian standpoint, we also got plenty of other interesting and cool Jeeps to read about. Make sure you keep an eye on our events list, found in the back of the mag. We will be running a couple of other events later this year, so keep watching this space […]

13 12, 2020

Editorial Nov/Dec 2020

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Welcome to the November December issue, 2020 is almost over, with the new Rubicon 392 Wrangler now in production, 2021 is beginning to look promising, and not to forget 2021 is Jeep’s 80th Anniversary. This issue has plenty of interesting and cool Jeeps to checkout. Make sure you keep an eye on our events list in the back of each issue as the FSJ weekend is on in January and Camp Coffs in March 2021, see our Camp Coffs advert on page 26.

Yes, we are still working on something to celebrate […]

10 11, 2020

Editorial – Sep Oct 2020

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Welcome to the belated September/October issue. COVID has certainly made 2020 an interesting year and our thoughts go out to all affected in any way by COVID 19. We have had many challenges both professionally and personally, fortunately, we have had great people there for us when we needed them. As this issue goes to print our home state of Victoria is still in lockdown and has been in some form since March. This has created its own issues for us trying to publish, print and post out a magazine, but […]

21 08, 2020

Editorial – July Aug 2020

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Well, what a year 2020 has been so far. We were lucky to be able to run our Camp Coffs in March and we cover the event in this issue. Our thoughts go out to all those affected in any way by COVID 19.

To support our great advertisers, printers and mail out services in these hard times we cancelled the publication of our May/June issue and have decreased our page count, this allows us to still print Jeep Action in these difficult times. Subscribers will have an extra issue added to […]

1 04, 2020

Editorial – Mar Apr 2020

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Welcome to our second issue of Jeep Action for 2020. It’s always happening here, we have a jam-packed issue full of Jeeps of course.
“Camp Coffs 2020” is here for those who missed the announcement. Yes, it’s back, yes we are looking to do 2021.

The Jeep JT Gladiator is popping up at dealerships all over the country. This issue has lots of great Jeep news, plenty of great stories, Dan’s next installment, also see some old school Jeeps, so we have plenty of awesome Jeeping goodness for all.

Love to hear from you […]

6 01, 2020

Editorial – Jan Feb 2020

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Happy New Year all and welcome to the first issue of Jeep Action for 2020, it’s all happening here, we have a jam-packed issue full of Jeeps of course.
Not long till “Camp Coffs 2020”. For those who missed the announcement, yes it’s back and how awesome is that Jeepers.
The global launch of the Jeep JT Gladiator happened in New Zealand, we should be seeing details released in mid-January.
2019 was a massive year, both Michael and I did the East-West Expedition, Michael attended Jeep Life in Perth and I traveled to […]

21 11, 2019

Editorial – Nov Dec 2019

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Welcome to the November December issue of Jeep Action, it’s all happening here at the moment, we have a jam-packed issue full of Jeeps of course.

So, the word on the street is “Camp Coffs March 2020”. Yes it’s back, how awesome is that Jeepers and in other Jeep related news, 2021 Easter Jeep Jamboree, in the Vic High Country, that’s two big Aussie Jeep events on the way, all we need now, is the date on when the JT is hitting the dealers here in Australia and that would be the […]

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