Welcome to the November December issue, 2020 is almost over, with the new Rubicon 392 Wrangler now in production, 2021 is beginning to look promising, and not to forget 2021 is Jeep’s 80th Anniversary. This issue has plenty of interesting and cool Jeeps to checkout. Make sure you keep an eye on our events list in the back of each issue as the FSJ weekend is on in January and Camp Coffs in March 2021, see our Camp Coffs advert on page 26.

Yes, we are still working on something to celebrate Jeeps 80th next year, so keep watching this space we will keep you in the loop.
We love hearing from you all, so keep those profiles, articles, and snippets coming in, and don’t forget to renew your subs.

Enjoy your November December 2020 issue of Jeep Action and have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Best Regards,
Ben Davidson