17 09, 2019

Editorial – Sep Oct 2019

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Welcome to the September/October issue of Jeep Action, it’s all happening here at the moment, we have a jam-packed issue full of Jeeps of course.

Firstly, I need to thank my wife Fi and our girls Isabella and Elizabeth for supporting my decision and let me run with BFG East-West Jeep Expedition. The planning, preparations and trip it’s been a rollercoaster but in the end I will never forget the adventure.

Secondly, I need to thank everybody who has been involved with the Expedition, from the trip sponsors to the, behind scenes […]

23 07, 2019

Editorial July Aug 2019

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Welcome to the July/August issue of Jeep Action, it’s all happening here at the moment, we have a jam-packed issue full of Jeeps of course.

So we are getting to the pointy end of the calendar for the BFG East-West Jeep Expedition. The preparations are coming along, these including a full engine rebuild, diff upgrades. Follow all action in the Magazine and online at www. sevenslotexpedition.com

This issue has plenty of great stories, Jeep News, the Australian Jeep Jamboree, Michael checks in, Dan next instalment, and profiles, so that means we have plenty […]

1 05, 2019

Editorial May June 2019

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Welcome to the May/June issue of Jeep Action Magazine, the past couple of months have been very busy.

We have plenty of great stories including the Jeep and Mopar concepts from EJS. The first look at a JT Jeep Gladiator from Chris Collard, Harry Wagner tells you everything you wanted to know about the King of the Hammers but were afraid to ask.

The Australian Jeep Jamboree as now been and gone which will be covered in the next issue, The Jeep Go topless day will be here soon and Classic, not […]

18 03, 2019

Editorial Mar April 2019

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Well, I’m coming up to a year in the hot seat, and to be honest it has been a massive learning curve with lots of moving parts but I still haven’t acquired a Chief yet, haha.

The guys from Expedition Earth have shipped Gunther their JK Wrangler onto the next leg of their trip, so will be back next issue with an update.

But in saying that we have plenty of other great stories Including Jeep News. The first look at the Australian Spec of the long-awaited JL Wrangler. We also check in […]

9 01, 2019

Editorial – Jan Feb 2019

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Welcome to the first issue of Jeep Action for 2019 which looks to be an exciting time to be a Jeeper. With the new Jeep Gladiator going on sale in the States and the JL going on sale this year in Australia, 2019 is looking pretty good from here.

2018 was a massive year for Jeep Action to be honest, between Camp Coffs, Michael hitting the road, myself jumping into the hot seat, press launches, Judging at SEMA and RAW2018, it was a massive year and I can’t wait to see what 2019 […]

31 10, 2018

Editorial – Nov Dec 2018

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The November / December issue is overflowing with great articles and info.

Topher and Bridget from Expedition Earth came close to missing the deadline due to travelling through some very remote areas. We also have the latest installment from Dan as he continues through Africa and there are many other stories and updates.

This year I’m heading back to SEMA to cover the show and will be officially serving as a judge for the 2018 SEMA Global Media Awards Program which is a great honor, meanwhile Michael is heading off with the guys from ROCO […]

1 09, 2018

Editorial – Sep Oct 2018

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Editorial – September October 2018 – Editor with no Chief

So September is here and we have another jam packed issue. Hopefully this issue should keep some readers busy, while they are waiting for the JL Wangler launch in Australia.

In this issue of Jeep Action, we have a CJ6 owner profile and plenty of travel articles. From MOAB to Africa and even one here in Australia and as always we have plenty of awesome Jeeps and Jeepers covered.

We have a first aid feature from the Royal Flying Doctors Service on snake bites. […]

1 07, 2018

Editorial – July Aug 2018

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Editorial – July August 2018 – Editor with no Chief

Well, I survived and my first issue is done and dusted behind the big desk. Yes, we had a few hickup’s and a few light bulb moments haha.

In this issue of Jeep Action, we feature some travel, owner profiles and event articles so that means we have plenty of awesome Jeeps and Jeepers covered. We welcome aboard a young couple from NZ who we will continue to feature as they head around the world in their JK Wrangler.


Michael has been […]

9 05, 2018

Editorial – May June 2018

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Editorial – May June 2018 – Editor with no Chief

That’s right, I don’t own a Chief… yet. So here I am putting my very first editorial together and well Michael has packed the Grand, the Caravan and has taken Robyn off on a well-deserved break.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough, to cover not only the Jeep scene here in Australia but also, overseas and meet many Jeep owners from all walks of life.
As Michael made mention in upcoming issues we will cover some of our achievements from […]

24 03, 2018

Editorial – March April 2018

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Editorial – March April 2018


This issue we celebrate 15 years of publishing Jeep Action Magazine.
This is a great milestone in the publishing industry and I would would like to thanks everyone who has been involved and contributed along the way.

Looking back through 15 years of issues we have certainly covered the Jeep scene here in Australia and overseas. In upcoming issues we will cover some of our achievements from that time From the next issue I will have the new title of Roving Editor as Robyn and I are hitting […]

1 01, 2018

Editorial – January February 2018

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Editorial – January February 2018

Jan Feb 2018 magazine coverWelcome to our first issue (and editorial) for 2018. I hope you have been driving, touring, modifying or just enjoying your Jeep over the Christmas break.

This issue we feature the new JL Wrangler with a lot of information and specifications within the article. We look forward to the new model arriving in Australia and we will keep you updated on expected sales dates and model specs for Australia.

There were a lot of Jeep events in the last few months of 2017 and […]

2 11, 2017

Editorial – November December 2017

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Editorial – November December 2017

Jeep Action Magazine Front Cover Nov-Dec 2017Jeepfest is coming up on the 25th of November at Lardner Park in Victoria. Jeep Action has put in a lot of hours organising this event. One-off events held in different areas are always a challenge. It means scouting out and securing a venue and working out what is available in that area.

Last year Jeep Action organised and hosted Australia’s Jeep 75th celebrations at Bendigo in Victoria. Jeepfest is a one-day event and we don’t expect Jeepers to travel long […]

2 09, 2017

Editorial – September October 2017

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Editorial – September October 2017

Jeep Action Magazine Sept-October-2017 coverIn this issue of Jeep Action, we feature articles including travel, owner profiles and events. The Classic not Plastic event was once again held in June and is a good chance for classic Jeeps to gather. It was great to catch up with familiar faces and view their classic Jeeps but there should be more classics in attendance. Going by the ever-increasing forums and Facebook pages there are plenty of classic Jeeps out there that we don’t see at this event. Classic not […]

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