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What is the 75th Anniversary and Jeep Show?

2016 celebrates 75 years of the Jeep brand, 1941-2016. To celebrate we are holding a two-day event to recognise the brand being sold and used in Australia for 75 years

What can I see and do at the event?
View Jeeps in the visitor’s carpark
View and admire Jeeps on display from 1941 to present in the 6,000m2 building.
Speak to the owners and find out their Jeeps colourful history.
Visit the vendor stalls showcasing Jeep parts, accessories, and lifestyle equipment
View more Jeeps in the outdoor display area.
Relax at the food and beverage areas
Grab a coffee and visit the video/photo rooms and view Jeep history material
Check out the travel ramp at the visitors parking area
Mix and chat with other Jeep enthusiasts

Will Saturday and Sunday have the same activities?
The static displays will be the same both days. Some minor activities will change each day. These will be announced closer to the event and will include guest speakers, birthday celebration, concept unveil and more.

Can I camp on site?
No, but there are numerous accommodation options in and around Bendigo for you to choose from.

I have heard there are Jeepers camping on site:
Jeepers who have been asked to display their Jeeps for the two days are camping on site. This has been arranged by the event organisers. All other Jeepers are making their own camping arrangement’s in Bendigo. If you have a Jeep you think we may be interested in, send us an email.

Do I have to pay to attend the event?
Yes, you can pay online at jeepevents.co. The cost is $10 per adult per day or $15 for a weekend pass, 15 and under are free. Pre-paid tickets will allow easy access at the event. There will not be any eftpos facility at the entrance.

Can I come and go over the two days?
Yes, we encourage Jeepers to attend both days

Will there be merchandise for sale?
Yes, 75th Merchandise will be available pre-order and for sale at the event

Where do I book a place?

Go to jeepevents to Book
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Jeeps for sale

What comes with a subscription? 2016-08-29T18:51:56+00:00

What comes with a subscription?

Sponsoring Jeep events 2017-01-16T10:40:05+00:00

Sponsors for Jeep events are very welcome.

Do get in touch using the contact form “Get in Touch” on the right side of this page if you would like to advertise your products or services in the magazine and or for any upcoming Jeep events.

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Advertising in Jeep Action

For Advertisers/Sponsors

Please email us and Michael will send our Media Kit – Thankyou.

For all subscribers

For each subscription to the Printed magazine you are eligible to place 2 free listings in the Jeep Action Classifieds.

Images and details of the Jeep or Off road items for sale should be sent to Michael also – please also let us know your email address so we can verify your subscription.

eMagazine subscribers are entitled to a single listing in the Classifieds.

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Jeep specialists in my area

For our local Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas and also because its our business too 😉 we recommend Jeeps R Us

We will have much more detail to come here on the “our sponsors” page featuring our advertisers and Jeep supporters – we couldn’t survive without them.

You can always see the advertisers/sponsors list on page 5 of every edition of Jeep Action Magazine with details of their contact and products in the magazine.

A sample basic list of our advertisers as shown in each edition is here.

Sept/Oct 2016 Contents page and Advertisers
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Problems logging into this new look site?

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Help with my Jeep

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Upcoming events

We are also celebrating and organising the Jeep 75th Year Anniversary & Jeep Show October 1-2

See the Event Bookings or go there

75 years Bookings

Camp Coffs 2017

Date: 14 – 17 April 2017

Jeep Action Magazine proudly hosts Camp Coffs each year.

More details will follow in the near future – but get your planning in place for Easter weekend 2017!

Nana Glen Showgrounds
Nana Glen NSW 2450
Please note that you must be a subscriber to the magazine to attend.
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For printed magazine renewals you will receive an email letting you know your Jeep Action subscription is due for renewing.

You can then visit the website site and renew.

For eMagazines each platform enables auto renewals via iTunes or Pocket Mags. You have the option to enable this yourself – its not made as auto renewed by default.

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eMagazine Download

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Camp Coffs

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eMagazine Options include an App from iTunes or for all other eMagazine access we now use pocket mags.

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From September 1st 2016 renewals and new eMagazine subscriptions we use either of these options.

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