Editorial – May June 2018 – Editor with no Chief

That’s right, I don’t own a Chief… yet. So here I am putting my very first editorial together and well Michael has packed the Grand, the Caravan and has taken Robyn off on a well-deserved break.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough, to cover not only the Jeep scene here in Australia but also, overseas and meet many Jeep owners from all walks of life.
As Michael made mention in upcoming issues we will cover some of our achievements from the past 15 years. In saying that, it’s important that we not miss out on what’s happening out there today in the Jeep World be it Military, Flat Fender, Full Size, or Modern.

In this issue we have Mopar Concepts Jeeps at Moab Easter Jeep Safari, Camp Coffs 2018, JCR Off-roads MJ build, a FC150 tow truck, and many other stories. So please keep sending in those profiles, Your Says and Jeep stories, so we can share them with all the other Jeep enthusiasts.

Enjoy your May/June issue.

Ben Davidson