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May June 2016

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July/August 2016 - Featured Content

    July/Aug 2016 Cover
  • The Road Chose Me
  • Jeeps and Friends
  • 75 Years of Jeep 1941–2016
  • Custom Full Size 460 CJ-7
  • Project Half K
  • V8 XJ
  • CJ-3B Encounters
  • Marathon Auction
  • Blue Thunder JK
  • Take Your Top Off for Go Topless Day
  • Tech - Out in the Shed
  • Jeep Hospital
  • Events - Mopar Ssunday
  • Jeep 75th Anniversary
  • National Military Vehicle Museum


Michael at the Jeep Jamboree in Moab in October

I have really enjoyed covering 75 years of Jeep history in Australia over the first three issues of 2016. This issue we feature more great historical material from 1941-1977 and will have follow-up material in the remaining issues this year.

Plans are going well for the 75th Jeep Anniversary and Jeep Show being held on the 1st and 2nd October this year in Bendigo, Victoria. There will be a 6,000m2 building full of Jeep models from the last 75 years as well as vendors showing their parts, accessories and equipment for Jeep, camping and the outdoor lifestyle........Full editorial

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